About DIWA

Violence against women and children is the most widespread crime on earth. It occurs in all societies, under all religions, everywhere in the world. It affects millions of women each day. One in three women in this world are or will be confronted with violence against her during her lifetime. The United Nations has called violence against women ‘a worldwide pandemic’.

One of the weapons against violence against women is women empowerment. This can be achieved in several ways, one of them being women entrepreneurship. Foundation Diversity and Inclusion of Women Across (DIWA) was created to give courses in women entrepreneurship and in other projects aimed at stopping violence against women. Its mission is to help women finding security and possibilities for professional and personal growth. DIWA participates in projects or it initiates projects of its own. Some samples of projects are illustrated under the buttons on the left side of this text.

DIWA is a not-for-profit NGO located in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice. DIWA’s expenses are limited to administrative costs and costs of projects. The work is done by volunteers, there is no salaried staff. The mission statement and annual reports are in the Download section. DIWA can be contacted by email.

IT’S YOUR TURN NOW! - Programmes for Women Entrepreneurship

DIWA has developed a programme to help women entrepreneurs all over the world getting started and to support existing women entrepreneurs. The programmes offer training, coaching, network building and consulting activities in areas of financing, marketing, HRM and others. The objective of the IT’S YOUR TURN NOW! programmes is to empower and engage women through entrepreneurship. The programme was piloted in Macedonia. Later on it was taken to a much larger scale in Turkey: more than 9 000 women participated and about 300 started their own business (see the box on the left). Since then, the programmes have been implemented elsewhere. In each case, DIWA benefitted from cooperation with local partners.

IT’S YOUR TURN NOW! programmes
Programme for Women Entrepreneurship in India
Organising the Third World Conference on Women’s Shelters
The Women Entrepreneurship Support project in Turkey